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Why Choose Island Living

In today’s ever changing economy the myriad of challenges facing the real estate industry grow more and more complex. Specific areas of activity such as real estate development, management, and ownership in Antigua and Barbuda carry with them individual and specific needs as well as unique concerns. This creates an environment in which sound and timely answers to real estate concerns are imperative — and often at times hard to find.

At Island Living our real estate professionals will work with you to help you manage risk and improve performance. Our integrated approach to problem solving involves an international network of real estate accounting, tax and consulting professionals who can quickly assemble to form highly qualified teams that can respond to your unique needs.

Our real estate group can assist you in achieving your goals through every phase of the real estate market and property cycles, and across a complete spectrum of activities including: developing real estate strategies for buying or selling, competitive marketing analysis and development activities. Our services are listed in more detail below:


  • Market Analysis: We will help you set the right price to sell your home at through competitive market analysis.
  • Marketing Expertise: We at Island Living will present you the seller with a detailed international marketing plan to ensure that your property gains
    maximum exposure and thus reaches an extensive range of potential buyers.
  • Objective Sales Advice: We at Island Living can advise you as to how to maximize the value of your property in the simplest and most cost efficient ways.
  • Drafting and Legal Advice: Our sales team at Island Living is adept at giving you the fundamental legal advice you will need in order to sell your home, and can assist in drafting sales contracts.


  • Location Expertise: We have extensive knowledge of the topography of the Caribbean Islands and can guide you in finding the location that will give you a delicate balance of luxury, tranquility and exquisiteness.
  • Individually Tailored Service: Our team will help you find exactly what you are looking for with an acute attention to detail and our diverse portfolio ,whether it be your hillside plot to build your dream home on, a beautiful beach house to escape too, or an investment for the future. We at island Living are passionate about making sure that you get what you truly want.
  • Negotiation and Closing Assistance: Here at Island Living we offer full end-to-end support throughout the sales process. From negotiation to closing we will be on call to assist you. We can organize home inspections, finance assistance, title searches and recommend real estate lawyers. Anything it takes to make your property purchase as seamless as it can be.


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